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Swingers Dating Guide: Guide To Swinging & Dating Site Reviews

Whether you’re new to swinging or an old hand, you already know a few things about the lifestyle. First, it’s very liberating. Even if you’ve never done it before, you’ve probably met someone who has, heard about the lifestyle from others, or are just attracted because it sounds so exciting.

It’s as awesome as it sounds.

A lot of people are worried before they start swinging. They think they’ll get scammed, or they’ll have personal issues, or they won’t enjoy it as much as they think they will. In our experience, most of these are totally unfounded—with the exception of the scam. That one, however, is easy to avoid.

Decades ago, swinging was very different.

Swinging used to mean going to uncomfortable “meet & greets.” You’d sit there with your partner, talking to other couples, eating stupid little appetizers and making small talk, and knowing everyone was looking everyone else over, imagining them naked, and judging them.

If this is still your image of swinging, think again!

That is a very old model of the swinging lifestyle. Nowadays, it’s much more common for swingers, especially those just getting into the scene, to avoid those meet & greets.

If not at a meet & greet, how do swingers hook up with other swingers?

The answer is simple: online.

Even if you’re brand-new to swinging, you’ll be able to find a great swinging community online. These sites are sort of like swinger dating sites. They exist to hook you up with another couple. Compared to these sites, the awkward old meet & greets are more like blind dates, if you thought that you HAD to go home with someone at the end of a blind date.

What makes a good swinger dating site?

We’ll go a lot more into this later in the guide. Essentially, a good swinger site should exist for your need, not for the needs of the web provider. If you get a good feeling from your website, that’s one of the first steps.

But some big dating sites have swinger sections!

Yes, some big dating sites have sections for couples who want to meet other couples. If you want to hang out with a lot of people who are trying swinging for the first time, be our guests.

Bear in mind that a lot of the people who want to try it for the first time are not the target audience. These are couples who really just want the thrill of the idea, and they don’t really want to swing. Maybe they heard about the idea at a party, maybe they just saw that there was an option for “searching for couples” on their dating site and clicked on it for shits and giggles.

Some things you can expect from these dabblers: jealousy, awkwardness, uncomfortable behavior, and a lack of common politeness.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t swing with people that have never done it before. New awesome swinging couples enter the community all the time, and it’s fantastic having new blood moving around. The people you want to avoid are the ones that don’t really want to swing, so they just applied on a whim on another dating website.

What makes a swinger website different?

Swinger dating sites are different because they cater exclusively to swingers and those curious about the swinging lifestyle. You can hear stories about past encounters, get to know the people you’d like to swing with, and set up future swinging dates with other couples all in the comfort of your own computer chair (or chairs plural, if you and your partner don’t like sharing a single computer chair, we guess).

Why doesn’t every swinger use these sites?

Unfortunately, many swinger dating sites are scams.

These sites only exist to get your money, not to hook you up with quality couples and singles who want to experience the swinging lifestyle. They want to scam you out of money, and will set you up with people who have no interest in swinging with you.

We can teach you how to spot these scams.

Not only will we teach you how to spot and avoid the scams on most swinger dating sites, but we can teach you which sites are good and which are full of scams. By the time you’re done reading this guide, you’ll be fully equipped to enter the world of swinging with an advantage. You won’t be scammed, but you will have a great time, alone or with a partner, getting ready to swing.

Let’s get out there and get swinging!